Attention Span of a Goldfish

Telling someone they have the attention span of a goldfish used to be an insult. But, according to a 2015 study by Microsoft, a goldfish’s attention span of nine seconds is actually longer than the average human which is currently eight seconds. Humans’ attention spans have dropped four seconds since 2000. This coincides with the drastic increase in cellphones and other mobile technology.
However, the increase is social media and technology is actually the best way for your brand or company to express who you are to a wide range of potential consumers at once. Now, with even less time to engage a potential consumer, less than 8 seconds, video is increasingly important for social media. Even more important than just posting anything somewhat related to your brand is posting highly curated media that reflects your company and explains what you do. The Microsoft study reported that people are “better at identifying what they want/don’t want to engage with and need less to process and commit things to memory.” The first few seconds of videos must be engaging and informative in order for viewers to continue watching.

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