Have questions? Video production can feel complicated and overwhelming. If you have considered adding video to your website and social media but are not sure where to start. We can help!

Isn’t video expensive?

Traditional video can be extremely expensive, but our branded video content isn’t! We create quality promo videos and commercials at only a fraction of the price of hiring a production company. These videos are tailored to your industry and help promote your brand. We keep pricing reasonable by capturing multiple videos on a single day and releasing them throughout the month and year. You pay as each video gets released, so you can break up the payments, and you do not need to worry about one large payment.


Videos can cover a multitude of topics.

  • They can be informational. You can utilize video to introduce potential clients to yourself,  your business/organization, your industry, or your product or services.
  • Videos can be educational. You can utilize video to teach people how to use your products or services.
  • Videos can be a call to action. What steps do you want people to take next? You can encourage them to check out your website, subscribe to your newsletter, donate money, or purchase your products or services.

Still not sure? We can help you to create a plan for your videos. You'll just approve the plan and schedule a date for us to come shoot. We take care of everything else.

Will anyone from our company need to be on camera?

Only if they want to be. We can handle all-on camera talent and voice overs for an additional fee. If we use your team, this will be included in the package.

What do we do with the video once it’s produced?

Once you receive your video, you can post it to your social media channels, host it on your website, use it as a television commercial, use it to promote your brand, and educate your customers. If you don’t actively manage your social media presence, ViddyFly can help. Check out our social media management options here to learn more about how we can help promote your business online.

Want more?

We Can Also…

  • Customize your videos
  • Provide voice overs in specific languages or targeted to specific demographics
  • Hire on-camera spokespeople for your video
  • Add specific video clips and images to your videos
  • Animate your logo
  • Provide custom animations for your video
  • Hire talent to act in your commercials
  • Create boomerang graphics
  • Stop motion ads