5 Reasons to Love Video

1. A Picture May Be Worth a Thousand Words. . .
But a video has more than a thousand pictures. Therefore, video is more engaging to viewers because of the constantly changing, moving images.
2. Can Easily Demonstrates the Powers/Benefits/Results of What You Do and How
Video makes it easier to communicate to a prospect what you do and how it will help them. Have you ever tried to explain to someone what you do and watch their eyes glaze over? Video gives you the power to prevent that! Short 30-second to one-minute videos can explain what you do in a more concise and appealing way so that YOU can reap the benefits.
3. People Remember Videos
What do you remember better- the annoying TV ad for mops you saw two months ago or the news article you read last week? Probably the video. According to an article by iMedia, “we process visuals 60,000 times faster than we can process text.” Between the use of humor, emotion, and visual storytelling, video helps make a faster connection than blocks of text.
4. Videos Create Relationships
Talking to a prospect via video helps create a relationship. Video enables you to make a connection, engage with, and talk to a consumer far better than a paragraph of text. Video is another way of building trust between a company and a potential consumer.
5. It Can Transport Us Somewhere Else
Similar to books, watching videos can take us to places we’ve always wanted to go, or into worlds that (sadly) don’t exist in real life. Videos are a way of learning about something new without even realizing it. The best part of that high school social studies class was always when the TV flickered on to play a 30-minute-long documentary about British Castles.

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